Media Technology Development Services

When Brownian Motion, based at Pinewood Studios, required a very specific requirement to remotely control the record functionality of the Sony A7MK2 digital camera which was part of the Brownian Motion's VR Rig 4-Way 360/VR Rig, they came to Inbox Consultancy. We were not only able to provide a working solution but designed a fully portable scalable product. The project was successfully researched and prototypes built  within the timescale required by the client.  

When VMI, a leading London based video hire company, decided to look into moving into the HD hire business, they asked Inbox Consultancy to provide a detailed report on the current trends in HD production. We produced a comprehensive report on all aspects of HD production and key equipment choices. We were able to fully advise our client on the types of HD equipment to consider including in their hire inventory and made recommendations for innovative ancillary equipment solutions to help them gain a unique market position.

The Government-backed strategic agency for film in the UK , namely the UK Film Council, engaged Inbox Consultancy to undertake some research. The aim was to identify the possible opportunities in expanding existing film festivals, special events and film award ceremony provision for film for both black audiences and audiences for black film into a higher-profile, along with a better funded audience development initiative or programme. We provided a comprehensive report with strategic  recommendations.

The design of the Inbox1000W®, a comprehensive film production tool for providing easy to apply special effects, digital playback and pre-visualisation for on-site film and HD production was wholly an Inbox Solutions in-house design solution.

Inbox's innovative one-box solution produces a chromakey mix and allows you to capture your moving backgrounds with live action to compose your final scene accurately. The portable 24V DC Inbox 1000W features InboxNetworks, a unique software package that goes beyond traditional HD and film play-back systems and provides single video stream capture to disc.

The software development was solely handled by Inbox. It can manipulate two video playback images in mix/wipe formats, including X/Y zoom with slow-motion playback. InboxNetworks can utilise one video stream as a travelling matte, while capturing a live feed, ideal for multi-layering effects. It can also import CGI images and convert them to a video format for mixing. A GPI trigger is included for use with motion-control cameras, together with four hours of continuous capture coupled with portable printing facilities for shot-lists, continuity notes and SFX set-ups.